Statistics on Canadian Wars

Since the country’s modern founding in 1867, the Canadian government has deployed soldiers of the Canadian military to seven officially recognized armed combats around the world.

The start dates represent the initial authorization of war, either by the British Empire, Canadian government, or United Nations, while the end dates represent the formal signing of a peace treaty or armistice.

The names of Canada’s war dead are recorded in various Canadian Books of Remembrance, which are kept in a special chamber of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa and are maintained by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Nile Expedition
Mahdist rebels in British Sudan
Mar 1884 - Jan 10, 1885
386 served, 16 died
South African War
South African Republic and Orange Free State
Oct 11, 1899 - May 31, 1902
~7,000 served, ~300 died
World War I
Germany and allies ("The Triple Alliance")
Aug 4, 1914 - Nov 11, 1918
~650,000 served, ~68,000 died
World War II
Germany, Japan and allies ("The Axis Powers")
Sep 10, 1939 - May 8, 1945
~1 mil served, ~47,000 died
Korean War
North Korea
Jun 27, 1950 - Jul 27, 1953
26,791 served, 516 died
Persian Gulf War
Nov 29, 1990 - Mar 3, 1991
~4,000 served, 0 died
Taliban government of Afghanistan and post-regime loyalists, Al-Qaeda terrorist network
Sep 11, 2001 - Jul 1, 2011
~30,000 served, 158 died

Note that the Canadian military has participated in combat and peacekeeping engagements other than the officially-recognized seven conflicts above, including some where Canadian soldiers have been killed. According to Veteran’s Affairs, over 1,800 members of the Canadian armed forces have died “in the service of Canada” since 1947, excluding those who died in the Korean War.