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Basics (passport), Jan-Anthony Hermoso/Shutterstock

Places (map), T33kid/Shutterstock

Symbols (moose), Jan Miko/Shutterstock

Government (clock), jiawangkun/Shutterstock

Culture (hockey), Vanessa van Rensburg/Shutterstock

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Legal System (mountie), Brian Ganter/Shutterstock

Basic Facts (passport), Jeff Wasserman/Flickr

Aboriginals (drummers), Justin Trudeau/Flickr

Economy (oil derrick), Tyler McKay/Shutterstock

Money (bills), CarpathianPrince/Shutterstock

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20th Century (soldiers), Library and Archives Canada

21st Century (computer),

Historical Figures (statute), Public Services and Procurement Canada/Flickr

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Geography (lake), NelzTabcharani316

The Prairies (wheat), Alexandr Shevchenko/Shutterstock

Quebec (flags), Oskar Calero/Shutterstock

The North (polar bears), Gudkov Andrey/Shutterstock

British Columbia (orca), Doptis/Shutterstock

Ontario (buildings), Ken Felepchuk/Shutterstock

Atlantic Canada (puffin), Mark Medcalf/Shutterstock

Visiting Canada and Canadian Tourism (skiing), mRGB/Shutterstock

British Columbia Tourism (aquarium), Hannamariah/Shutterstock

Alberta Tourism (dinosaur), GTS Productions/Shutterstock

Ontario Tourism (guards), jiawangkun/Shutterstock

Quebec Tourism (bagel), BGSmith/Shutterstock

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Flags (flags), riekephotos/Shutterstock

Foods (pancakes), Marie C. Fields/Shutterstock

Holidays (Halloween cookies), 5 second Studio/Shutterstock

Medals and Honours (medals), Rideau Hall

Government Header Photos

Monarchy (Queen Elizabeth II), Canadian Heritage/Flickr

Governor General (Dr. Johnston), Rideau Hall

Prime Minister (office), Justin Trudeau/Flickr

Elections (sign), Elections Canada

Judiciary (gavel), Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Local Governments (group photo), Justin Trudeau/Flickr

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Social issues (protest), Anton Bielousov/Shutterstock

Traditions (birthday cake), Evannovostro/Shutterstock

Manners and Etiquette (handshake), igorlale/Shutterstock

Religion (hands), GongTo/Shutterstock

Pop Culture (Justin Bieber), Jack Fordyce/Shutterstock

Anti-Americanism (flags), danielo/Shutterstock

Self-image (face paint), Sergei Bachlakov/Shutterstock

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Population (family), DayOwl/Shutterstock

Important dates (eternal flame),

Prime Ministers (Wilfrid Laurier statute),

Party leaders (Jack Layton), NDP/Flickr

Election Results (ballot box), Elections Canada

Olympics (giant rings), lazyllama/Shutterstock

Nobel Prizes (Nobel Prize), Pe3k/Shutterstock

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Coin photos in Money chapter, Fat Jackey/Shuttersotck

Pictures of House of Commons and Senate in Government chapter, Felix Lipov/Shutterstock

Photo of Royal Family Members in Monarchy chapter, Queen and Prince William (Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock), Prince Charles (ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock), Prince George (Lorna Roberts/Shutterstock)

Provinical flag photos in Flags chapter, Brothers Good/Shutterstock

Black and white icons used throughout, Kapreski/Shutterstock