J.J. McCullough

Reference sources are only as good as the person who writes them, so here’s a bit about me.

My name is J.J. McCullough (b. 1984), and I’m a real-life Canadian who has lived upwards of 96.3 per cent of my life in this beautiful country. I was born and educated in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I remain to this day. I wrote every word on this website.

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I work as a columnist and media commentator specializing in Canadian politics. My work has appeared in the Washington Post, National Post, CBC, CNN, and many other outlets. I also spend a lot of time drawing cartoons.

In terms of education, I hold a B.A. in political science and history from Simon Fraser University. A selected bibliography of sources that were used to make this site can be found on the more information and sources pages.

All facts in The Canada Guide are the result of independent research. Nothing on this site was plagiarized or republished from elsewhere. No content on this site was made using information from Wikipedia, a website I really dislike. Though I’ve worked hard to make this guide as politically unbiased as possible, if you’re searching for hidden subtexts I will admit I come down more on the conservative side of the political spectrum.

The vast majority of photos on this site have been legally purchased through Shutterstock. Others have come from public domain or government sources. Please see the credits page for more information.

For comments, queries, additions or errors, I can be reached by email at jjmccullough@gmail.com. See also the contact page. For updates to the Canada Guide, be sure to follow @TheCanadaGuide on Twitter, too.

Alex Rakic

Alex is a freelance designer-developer responsible for the branding, design and development of the current iteration of the Canada Guide website.

Having immigrated from the former Yugoslavia over 25 years ago, Alex has been a proud Canadian enjoying the freedoms and opportunities of this great country for much of his life. The Canada Guide project was the perfect combination of his passion for creativity and love for Canada coming together. In his spare time, Alex usually finds himself participating in tennis and soccer and when there’s lots of spare time, travelling to various cultural destinations around the world.