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Sometimes all you want are names, dates, and numbers.

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A lot has happened over the last 150 years of Canadian history. Populations have grown, wars have been fought, prime ministers have reigned, elections have been won and lost.

Contained in this chapter are a series of charts documenting important chronological data on Canadian history and government. If you’re interested in taking an even deeper dive into Canadian data, please check out the website of Statistics Canada.

Data on Canada



The number of people living in Canada, the provinces, and cities.

Important Dates

A chronology of the most important dates in Canadian history.

Heads of State

List of Canada's monarchs and governors-general.

Colonial Rulers

British governors and government leaders before confederation.

Prime Ministers

A list of the Prime Ministers of Canada.

Provincial Premiers

The past and present leaders of Canada's provinces and territories.

Provincial Legislatures

Standings of political parties in Canada's 13 provincial and territorial parliaments.

Election Results

Complete results for all past Canadian federal elections.

Party Leaders

The men and women who have led Canada's various political parties.

Other Government

Other important officials in the government of Canada including Speakers of the House of Commons and deputy prime ministers.


Statistics on Canada's military engagements.


Canada's performance at the summer and winter games.

Nobel Prizes

All the Canadians who have won Nobel Prizes in various fields.

Canadian Inventions

Important contraptions invented by Canadians.

International Organizations

Canadians who have served as leaders of major international organizations.

Important Canadian Laws

Some of the most important laws of Canada.